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Company Says Its Drones Will Plant 1B Trees by 2028

By Rob Quinn
May 21, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada East, Canada

Drone projects don’t get much more ambitious than the one envisioned by Flash Forest, which plans to plant a billion trees by 2028—helping save the planet in the process. The Canadian startup says its drones, which can identify the best planting sites before dropping specially designed seed pods, can each plant up to 20,000 trees a day, while a human can manage 1,500 a day at best, Fast Company reports. The company, which aims to improve the technology to the point where two pilots can plant 100,000 trees in a day, is planting 40,000 trees this month in an area north of Toronto scorched by a wildfire. Later this year, it plans to plant 300,000 trees in Hawaii. The company says its technology will be the key to restoring forests, as well as to countering climate change.

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