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Efforts needed to save B.C.’s forests

Letter by Taryn Skalbania, Peachland Watershed Protection Alliance
BC Local News
January 15, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Taryn Skalbania

In 1945 when the Sloan Report by the Chief Justice of B.C. laid the policy foundation for the Forest Act including granting industry full access to our forests through tenure to ensure the taxpayers of BC a “perpetual supply of raw material for forest industries, with consequent stability of industrial communities and assurance of permanent payrolls,” it is doubtful he had today’s depleted industry scenario in mind. …While radical to some, to save the remnants of the forestry industry we must first save the forest, to save reduced jobs in forestry we have to save trees, too keep some mills afloat we will have to shutter others. Our forests have been permanently, radically altered, now our forest industry must follow. …B.C. must dramatically change how forestry is managed and governed if it hopes to reverse today’s troubling trends.

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