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Emerald ash borer could decimate Mount Royal trees, Projet Montréal says

June 15, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada East, Canada

Thousands of ash trees on Mount Royal could be at risk of succumbing to the emerald ash borer, which would decimate the green canopy of the city’s signature landmark, Projet Montréal charged Wednesday. Saying the invasive species has already been detected throughout the wooded sections of the mountain, about half of which are heavily populated by ash trees, Projet Montréal said the city is failing to move quickly enough to ensure the trees are saved. There are about 26,000 ash trees on Mount Royal, estimated to account for roughly one quarter of all the trees on the mountain. City officials responded that while the number of infected ash trees felled on Mount Royal increased significantly in the last year, there is no cause for alarm and the mountain’s ash trees are not at risk of sudden devastation.