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Fires a fact of life in Alberta, even with average fire season predicted

CBC News
May 15, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Alberta is expected to see an average risk for wildfires for much of this summer, but scientists warn that “normal conditions” could still result in significant fire activity in the province. “Average in a fire-prone landscape means there will still be fires,” Michael Norton, director general of the Northern Forestry Centre, said on Wednesday. “Exactly how many, exactly where, exactly when — we’re not able to predict that level of specificity.” …The long-range forecast suggests the fire hazard could rise to “above average” in southern Alberta by September, and in the Rockies as early as July. Meanwhile, much of neighbouring B.C. will be at an increased risk of fires through the summer season. …The public still needs more awareness about how to reduce the risk of human-caused fires… with programs such as Fire Smart offering many tips.

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