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Forest fires started by ‘machine tracks’ prompt calls for temporary ban on logging

By Emma Smith and Phlis McGregor
CBC News
June 25, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada East, Canada

Some Nova Scotians are calling for a ban on logging during hot, dry weather after it was revealed that machinery in the woods caused two forest fires that spanned more than a hundred hectares in Kings County last month. Nova Scotia’s Department of Environment determined a 13-hectare fire in McGee Lake and a 120-hectare fire near Springfield were started in late May by “metal machine tracks creating sparks on rocky terrain.” The department didn’t respond to questions about what machine made those tracks and what kind of work was being done, however logging machines such as feller bunchers and forwarders could create those kind of tracks. …Bev Wigney, who runs the Facebook group Annapolis Royal and Area Environment and Ecology wants Nova Scotia to follow the lead of New Brunswick, which last week closed all Crown land, except provincial parks, to recreational and industrial activity, including forestry. 

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