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Forest Sector Seeks Support To Weather COVID-19 Storm (audio)

By Mike Ebbeling
May 22, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

Derek Nighbor

The President and CEO of the FPAC says their industry is dealing with a mixed bag across the country because of COVID-19. Derek Nighbor says demand for pulp products is high, while the lumber markets have really fallen off a cliff. Nighbor says the forest industry isn’t looking for a bailout they are just seeking some government help. “We’ve got to step up for any workers who lose their jobs. Swift government response for those support payments. Number two is cash flow supports for those sawmills, those forestry businesses that are struggling. We’ve got a bright future we just need to get through these next number of months.” Nighbor stresses they have received great responses from both levels of government but notes he would like to build on that.

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