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From the pen to the potty, baby boomers shift their paper use

Tree Frog Forestry News
March 13, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

Baby boomers (folks aged 53 to 71) are coming “to the rescue of the beleaguered paper industry”, says Kevin Mason of ERA Forest Products Research. But rather than ‘penning more prose’—North American printing and writing paper demand dropped 3.9% in 2017—it’s their use of adult incontinence products which are “projected to grow four per cent in 2017”. In a related story, the “significant decline in newsprint” has Resolute announcing “the indefinite idling of its paper mill in Thorold, Ontario”. No word on whether they’ve read Mason’s report but the company is “looking at converting production to an alternative product”.

Sticking with Resolute, their efforts to defend “against Greenpeace’s attacks deserve our gratitude” according to Jaana Woiceshyn, author of How to be Profitable & Moral. Further, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld an earlier ruling that disallowed the expansion of their lawsuit against Greenpeace.

Also in the news, Timber Tech is cutting edge via “virtual reality goggles at the Oregon Logging Conference” and “women are the answer to New Zealand’s skilled worker shortage,” according to Pamela Bell, CEO PrefabNZ.

Finally, we are disappointed to read that NY developer Ghassemi—citing the downturn in the market—has “scrapped plans to build the city’s tallest wooden tower in Chelsea“. The proposed project, was one of the winners of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture-sponsored Tall Wood Building Competition in 2015.

–Tree Frog Editors