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Gold-Butterfly: Bitterroot Forest prepares for work to begin on largest project in memory

By Perry Backus
Billings Gazette
June 28, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

There’s a race of sorts happening in the upper reaches of the Sapphire Mountains east of Corvallis.  Driven in part by a warmer climate and a hundred years of humans suppressing natural fire, the insects and parasitic mistletoe have a head start.  This spring, crews from the U.S. Forest Northern Region Timber Strike Team have fanned out across the timbered ridges and hillsides on portions of the 4,800 acres of the Gold Butterfly Project slated for commercial timber harvest to identify the trees that will be left behind.  Armed with cans of specially formulated orange paint, the foresters spend a good deal of their day craning their necks upward to look for the deep green crowns that indicate the trees have survived a years-long onslaught from spruce budworm and mistletoe.  

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