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Growing Victoria organic backyard business sells wood dust to kill fruit flies

By David Garrigg
Vancouver Sun
September 22, 2019
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: Canada, Canada West

A Victoria startup has created an organic dust that kills fruit flies — while saving the worms — in compost bins. At one time, BinBreeze director Taylor McCarten said he was working on the idea of a perfect green bin as part of his Masters in Business Administration studies at UVic. …However, as he got closer to completing the degree, McCarten started to look beyond the bin. “…we came up with the idea that maybe we should put something in the bins, rather than trying to create the perfect bin. Because the science showed there’s no such thing as the perfect green bin.” …What they came up with was 50 per cent untreated Douglas fir wood waste, plus some zeolite from Kelowna (the world’s most porous rock), some inert dirt with silicate from Nevada and other ingredients that aren’t widely known as the company prepares to get legal protection for the product.

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