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Help Us Understand Logging And Timber Practices Across Oregon

By Tony Schick and Rob Davis with Maya Miller
Oregon Public Broadcasting
January 15, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

For decades, the timber industry drove the economy in Oregon… Today, the industry has changed. Logging in federal forests, once a major source of lumber, is a fraction of what it was before environmental restrictions. Dozens of mills have closed. Stands of trees that once required a crew of loggers to cut can now be felled by one person in a single machine. …Reporters Tony Schick of OPB and Rob Davis of The Oregonian have been tracking forestry topics closely for years. …Now, OPB, The Oregonian and ProPublica are teaming up to better understand the forces that are shaping the modern timber industry and the effects of those changes on the state, communities and timber workers. …Please fill out this questionnaire if you work, or have worked, in the timber industry, …regularly interact with the timber industry, or have been affected by the timber industry because of where you work or live.

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