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How will you celebrate International Day of Forests?

Tree Frog Forestry News
March 21, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

With a focus on ‘Forest and Energy’, today’s International Day of Forests celebrates the benefits of forests and wood products to society. Phil Riebel of Two Sides references the Paris Accord and a 2016 FAO report that suggests “a virtuous cycle can be enacted” since forest growth “increases removals of carbon from the atmosphere while augmenting the supply of wood products that can replace more carbon-intense products.”

Focusing on the rare but important opportunity to “
align economic development with the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions” the UK Nature Conservancy comments on the trend towards engineered wood use, stating that we must “take advantage of this opportunity by pursuing a construction transformation based on restoring trees, the world’s most effective carbon-capture tool.” 

Doubling down on how “wood is really better for building”, Australia’s version of the Fifth Estate released a report today on how nature-connected design makes “offices less stressful, hospital stays shorter and children better learners,” while at the same time attracting “higher rents and building values.”

Finally, in a ‘man-bites-dog’ scenario, logging trucks and hundreds of “placard-holding” Australian forestry workers are protesting the expected closure of the Heyfield sawmill by marching to Parliament House in Melbourne.

–Tree Frog Editors