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Hug A Forester: The Forest Industry Is Still A Growing Economic Sector

By David Campbell
The Daily Huddle
February 14, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada East, Canada

NEW BRUNSWICK — …Trees are back, baby. Paper bags, utensils and a host of other wood fibre-based products are replacing plastic. Wood is being used more in construction – even as the core structure of multi-storey buildings. Guess what? This is an area where New Brunswick excels. When most of North America was cutting down its trees to develop agriculture, we kept most of our forest land. …New Brunswick generates relatively more GDP (as a share of the total) from our forests than any other province in Canada well above British Columbia in second place. …As the rest of the world leans into using forests as both an economic driver and a tool to address environmental challenges (climate change, plastics, et cetera) we shouldn’t be backing off in New Brunswick.

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