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In Australia’s Most Populous State, ‘All Fires Are Contained’

By Jamie Tarabay
The New York Times
February 14, 2020
Category: Forest Fires
Region: International

SYDNEY, Australia — Wildfires that began in September, consumed millions of acres of forest and burned through beachside towns and suburbs are finally out in most of New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, emergency services said Friday. Some fires in the southern part of the state still haven’t been extinguished, said Rob Rogers, the deputy commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service, but they are under control. “All fires are contained, so we can really focus on helping people rebuild,” Mr. Rogers said. Fires continue to trouble firefighters in the southeastern state of Victoria, officials said. But torrential rain that has swept much of the eastern coast of Australia over the past week has helped put out many of the last few blazes.

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