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‘It’s not bearable’: London homeowners on the return of Gypsy moths

By Sofia Rodriquez
CBC News
June 13, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada East, Canada

Byron residents are faced … gypsy moth caterpillars taking over their properties. For Michelle Pace, this is her second encounter with these larvae that tend to defoliate their host tree and cause residents countless headaches. Jill-Anne Spence, London’s manager of urban forestry…said the easily identifiable insects … are common in Ontario. [They] thrive in certain tree species such as oak, birch, poplar and maple trees… “It’s not bearable. We can’t go outside. If you go outside, you either have caterpillars on you or you’re hit with caterpillar feces that are falling from the trees,” she said. … “I’d like to see the city step up and do an aerial spay. It’s obviously a huge problem that is just coming to fruition with everyone coming out now and letting everyone know that they have the same problem as I do,” Pace said.

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