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Logging makes forest fires worse: experts

By Dominica Sanda
Yass Tribune
January 16, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Allowing logging in national parks would increase the intensity of bushfires by boosting the amount of flammable fuel and creating additional “kindling”, experts have warned. Millions of hectares have been scorched in raging bushfires across Australia since October and scientists claim fires burned at a higher intensity in heavily-logged forests. Australian National University Professor David Lindenmayer says while the main driver of fires is the climate, logging makes forests drier and leaves behind flammable debris on the ground. “Forests that have been logged and regenerated are significantly more likely to burn at higher severity,” he told AAP. “Very substantial areas of forest which were logged in East Gippsland and southeastern NSW have been burnt this summer.” …Recent calls by the forestry industry to selectively log national parks in a bid to reduce the bushfire risk are “lacking science”, Prof Lindenmayer argues. He says the industry proposal would actually make areas more fire-prone.

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