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Long-distance timber trade underpinned the Roman Empire’s construction

By Public Library of Science
December 4, 2019
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: International

The ancient Romans relied on long-distance timber trading to construct their empire. …In this study, Bernabei et al successfully date and determine the origin and chronology of unusually well-preserved ancient Roman timber samples. …Based on the sapwood present in 8 of the thirteen samples, the authors were able to narrow the date these oaks were felled to between 40 and 60 CE. …”This study shows that in Roman times, wood from the near-natural woodlands of north-eastern France was used for construction purposes in the centre of Rome. Considering the distance, calculated to be over 1700km, the timber sizes, the means of transportation with all the possible obstacles along the way, our research emphasises the importance of wood for the Romans and the powerful logistic organisation of the Roman society.”

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