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McGrath and White talk trade war with China

By Julianna Leach
The Trail Blazer
January 15, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States, International

Amy McGrath & Ray White

MOORHEAD, Kentucky — The impact of the trade war with China on the Kentucky lumber industry was the topic of a discussion for Amy McGrath and Ray White during one of her stops at the Harold-White Lumber Co. on Wednesday.  White said the first overall industry hit was part of the recession in 2008. Around 2011 China came in as a huge consumer of North American hardwoods with the company. With the U.S. tariffs at 25 percent and additional taxes from China, the company was looking at a significant decrease practically overnight. …He estimated nearly 70 percent of his demand was from China. “Congress could do something if they wanted too,” said McGrath. “They could stop this.” White also discussed the importance of the timber industry to Eastern Kentucky and the environmental benefits to selective cutting.

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