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Nordics bet on advanced biofuels to suit carbon neutrality ambitions

By Gerardo Fortuna
February 7, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Scandinavian governments have raised the bar in their commitment to becoming carbon neutral and several companies have responded by developing new technologies to harness forest resources, widely recognised as the Nordic green gold, in a bid to reduce transport emissions. Renowned worldwide for their cold weather and iconic timber, Sweden and Finland are now trying to build a reputation as leading countries in the fight to global warming, taking their climate commitments seriously. …In Finland, for instance, forests are a major source of both economic and social wellbeing, as well as the country’s most significant renewable natural resource covering more than 70% of the national land area. For a country with no gas nor oil resources, wood-based products and forest biomass have come to the Finns’ rescue in their attempt to decarbonise the transport sector, making use of the opportunity afforded by sustainable advanced biofuels.

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