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Palm Oil Is In Half Of Your Groceries And Destroys Forests

By Jillian Mock
The Huffington Post
May 21, 2020
Category: Forestry
Region: International

There’s an ingredient that features in almost half of everything you buy from the grocery store. …It’s called palm oil ― and in addition to being a wonder ingredient… it’s incredibly destructive. For decades, palm oil production has been a driver of deforestation in tropical rainforests in countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia. …Clearing land and burning peatlands to make room for oil palm trees is a huge source of carbon emissions and air pollution, and has contributed to devastating forest fires in Indonesia. It also destroys the habitat of many of the world’s most critically endangered species, including elephants and orangutans. …The world has reached a point of reckoning with palm oil. We seem unable to throw off our dependence on the oil and unable to make the industry less environmentally devastating. 

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