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People are stapling slices of bread to trees and residents are so confused

By Ewan Somerville
Gloucestershire Live
July 15, 2019
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: International

…Residents in the South Yorkshire city have been left perplexed by slices of white bread popping up on tree trunks left right and centre. Yes, you read that right, people are stapling slices of bread to the bark. … “This week the trees on the north side of the road have been ‘decorated’ by persons unknown with slices of white bread which have been stapled in place. “They are on the north side of the road and on the north east sides of the trees. Is this part of some weird new cult?” …stapling bread to trees is actually a very weird, slightly deranged, mildly hilarious viral online craze. Online geeks from around the world have been showing off their bread-tree fancies on a Reddit thread,with some even branching out from the classic loaf to em-BARK on a slice of bagel stapling.

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