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Port of Belledune and New Brusnwick’s greatest resource

By Jessica Casey
Dry Bulk Magazine
July 14, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada East, Canada

The lush green forests of New Brunswick are the envy of many who are surrounded by concrete walls in population-dense cities. However, a lot of its own residents may not even know exactly how rich of a commodity the abundance of woods in their own backyards produce. Enter forest biomass – the wood waste left as a result of strategic forest management and local sawmill processing. In being resourceful and taking that ‘waste’ and turning it into value-added product, the wood pellet can be produced and thus, a source of clean energy is created. It is arguably New Brunswick’s greatest underutilised resource. The Belledune Port Authority has worked to become the top biomass exporter in Eastern Canada since beginning to export wood pellets over a decade ago.

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