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‘Prepared to continue’: Protests escalate at Rainbow Ridge logging

By Sonia Waraich
Eureka Times Standard
June 13, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Protests continued to intensify at Rainbow Ridge today as more activists flocked to the area, putting their bodies in the paths of logging equipment and occupying the Humboldt Redwood Company’s Scotia offices for 30 minutes. Though no arrests have been made … a woman who calls herself “Rook” continued today to sit in a tree to protect it from being cut down, while another man U-bolted himself by the neck to a cattle crossing in order to block access to the forest. Nine other people rallied at Monument’s Gate… One of the activists spoke with John Andersen, the company’s director of forest policy and registered professional forester, and demanded an end to the logging as well as an end to reported harassment being faced by the tree-sitter. …protesters said attempts to remove the tree-sitter are underway by a private security firm…, hired by Humboldt Redwood Company to patrol the area.

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