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Public engagement session focuses on forest sector renewal

By Trevor Hewitt
BC Local News
November 6, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

SMITHERS, BC — With a dark cloud of uncertainty looming over the Province’s forestry industry… the Province’s Ministry of Forest… held a number of Interior Forest Sector Renewal public engagement sessions. That included a Smithers session, which was held in late July. The notes… highlighted five specific categories as most important. The first, Forest Tenure and Fibre Supply, saw many make suggestions about utilizing ground fibre and hauling all wood to the roadside to decrease the amount that must be burnt. …The second topic, Climate Change and Forest Carbon, focused on the environmental impact of the industry. …The third topic, Manufacturing Capacity and Fibre Utilization, focused on ensuring the long-term economic viability of the industry through finding more uses for wood and by increasing market diversification. …Similarly, the fourth topic of Wood Products Innovation focused on utilizing innovation to foster economic stability in the industry. …The last topic was Reconciliation with Indigenous Communities.

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