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Ship loading 5.5 million board feet of logs bound for China

June 15, 2015
Region: United States, US West

It was very early Thursday morning when Global Gold, a 580-foot bulk cargo ship moored to the Port of Port Angeles’ Terminal 3 to take on a load of debarked logs that are destined for China. Johnny Daquisto, a longshoreman whom I have gotten to know through the years, is the supercargo on the vessel. He saw me driving by the docks, waved me over and invited me aboard. Never one to turn down an opportunity to go aboard ship, off I went. But when he gave me a safety vest and a hard hat to wear, I was beginning to get concerned that I was going to be put to work. Anyone who has watched a log ship being loaded knows how physical and dangerous the work is. Both scenarios, I earnestly avoid.