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The Dutch have decided: Burning biomass is not sustainable

By Davine Janssen
July 20, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

The Netherlands should phase out the use of biomass for generating electricity as soon as possible, the advisory board of the Dutch government said in a report presented earlier this month. Biomass is an “indispensable” resource for the circular economy, but burning it is wasteful. That is the main message of the report issued on 8 July by the Socio-Economic Council, an independent advisory board of the Dutch government consisting of entrepreneurs, employees and independent experts. …The ball is now in the court of the Dutch government, which will use the advice to construct a national “sustainability framework” for bio-resources due to be presented after the summer. …In anticipation of the government’s new policy, Swedish energy company Vattenfall has already decided to postpone construction of a planned biomass plant in Diemen.

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