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Things That Mattered in 2016

Tree Frog Forestry News
December 22, 2016
Category: Today's Takeaway

In today’s news, veteran journalist Gordon Hamilton reveals his pick of top stories impacting the BC forest sector in 2016. Although we trust Gordon’s judgement on “what matters most”, we cross referenced his top-eight list with the number of stories we carried on each topic. Suffice to say, story frequency and story import don’t exactly align:

1. Great Bear Rainforest Agreement (80 stories)
2. US housing market recovery (20 stories)
3. Low Canadian dollar (30 stories)
4. Softwood lumber war (300+)
5. Mountain pine beetle (15)
6. Tall wood buildings (110)
7. Loggers face economic crisis (10)
8. Old-growth logging (150+)

The Huffington Post featured a story about which provinces were “Most at Risk From a Trump Presidency” based on their share of exports exposed. Although Nova Scotia, Ontario and PEI are the most exposed overall, BC was on top when considering forestry products only.

Finally, a special welcome and thank-you to our newest sponsor – BC Wood – the voice of the value-added wood products industry in BC. For more on BC Wood click here.

— Tree Frog Editors