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“This isn’t about big or small companies,”: Council of Forest Industries President on Mackenzie struggles

By Brendan Pawliw
My Prince George Now
June 25, 2020
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Susan Yurkovich

The President of the Council of Forest Industries has reacted to the second major indefinite curtailment the District of Mackenzie has faced in a year. …This is the second such closure to occur after Canfor closed the doors of its facility indefinitely in 2019. Susan Yurkovich told they need to make sure the province has reliable access to reasonably priced fibre. “Unfortunately what you are seeing now is that BC is taking a disproportionate amount of downtime, much more than in previous market downturns and that is creating real troubles not only for our industry but for the workers and communities that depend on our sector.” Yurkovich stated making the industry more cost-effective is the best solution. …“If we cannot compete, nobody will make the investment that will allow us to support and sustain workers and communities like Mackenzie. That has to be understood, it’s not about big or small,” added Yurkovich.

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