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Timber workers worried for jobs and towns as Victorian Government announces plan to end native logging

By Sarah Maunder, Kristian Silva and Mikaela Ortolan
ABC News, Australia
November 7, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Victorian timber workers say their communities will become ghost towns after the Victorian Government announced it will phase out the logging of native trees over the next decade. The Victorian Government will reduce the current level of native timber available for logging from 2024–25. With dwindling supply already restricting the industry, all native timber logging will cease by 2030 under the policy. The Government also announced an immediate ban on logging in old-growth forest. …Brett Robin, a fifth-generation logger from Gippsland, said the State Government’s plan would result in “tens of thousands” of jobs lost. Mr Robin told ABC Radio Melbourne only four trees in every 10,000 were being harvested and regenerated, which meant the rest were left alone. “I’ve harvested areas my grandfather and great-grandfather have harvested, and they’ve all been regenerated.

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