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Trees to the rescue while Trump overrides climate program

Tree Frog Forestry News
March 29, 2017
Category: Today's Takeaway

Although we didn’t post them all—the National Post, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, The Washington Post—have all got the story: Donald Trump is going to roll back Barak Obama’s rules aimed at tackling global warming. The Washington Post says the move is like “kneecapping America’s efforts to fight climate change”, a phenomenon that Trump has called a hoax. Trump’s push for “clean coal” got Late Show host Stephen Colbert’s attention saying, “I know clean coal sounds like an oxymoron but so does President Trump”. A story from New Zealand is promoting a new campaign called Trump Forest, in their words “in honour of one of the world’s biggest idiots”. Launched by a cap company called Offcut the goal is to raise money to regenerate forests lost to wildfire in the Christchurch region of NZ.

Concurrent with the political news on climate change, science has found yet more ways that forests can help reduce the impact. An international study published in Nature “affirms the value of forest conservation and protection policies in the fight against climate change”.

With British Columbia in the fast lane to a provincial election, the United Steelworkers are launching a campaign “to raise awareness of issues important to working families”. Accusing the Christy Clark government of tossing aside worker health and safety, USW Director for Western Canada, Stephen Hunt says “John Horgan …will make the right choices for working people [while] …making life more affordable”.

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