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Trouble in timberland: How pine beetles and fires are gutting B.C.’s forestry sector

By Gabriel Friedman
The Vancouver Sun
June 13, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Deep in the tree-studded interior of British Columbia, the tiny town of Clearwater is facing a problem that’s sweeping across the province: Surrounded by nothing but trees, somehow, there isn’t enough timber to support a local sawmill. …As communities like Clearwater search for a way forward amid a shrinking forestry sector, some see an opportunity to change the type of products that are manufactured from local woods. Rather than mass produce lumber or any other product for export, he wants the town’s residents to gain access to the provincial land that Canfor had used to harvest timber for the mill, so they can build businesses that create new products. …His idea gained some currency in May, after B.C. legislators passed Bill 22, which creates a new obligation for companies to demonstrate a “public interest” before they can sell or transfer their licenses.

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