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Trump’s desperate embrace of ‘one trillion trees’

By John Sutter
CNN Opinion
February 6, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States

Donald Trump

Perhaps you’d forgotten Trump fancies himself an environmentalist? Well, worry not. The American Polluter in Chief was kind enough to drop a little reminder into the State of the Union this week. We’re going to protect the environment, Trump told Congress and the nation. And (and!) we’re going to do it by … helping plant a trillion trees. …Yes, it’s true that trees take carbon out of the air, and therefore planting trees and protecting rainforests truly are important tools in the effort to clean up the atmosphere. …But no, you cannot at once abandon the Paris Agreement (a global effort to fight climate change), promote fossil fuels, pander to coal, as Trump has — and hope to be seen as Climate Jesus by hawking the idea of planting trees.

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