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University of Wisconsin professor discusses affect of climate change on Wisconsin landscapes

By Mary Magnuson
The Badger Herald
February 13, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: US East, United States

Ankur Desai

A University of Wisconsin climate scientist said climate change affects Wisconsin forests, during a lecture for the Nelson Institute Center for Climatic Research Symposium on Thursday. Ankur Desai said the biosphere… breathes, in the sense that it cycles carbon and energy, and has varied climatic patterns. …“The land biosphere, the forest, the wetland, the lakes … all of these things are driving how fast atmospheric CO2 increases year to year,” Desai said. …In the forest, his team found highly variable patterns because of the nature of the seasonal forest biome and weather, but he also found a steady increase in CO2 levels over the years since they’ve started data collection. …Desai said this research can answer questions around where we should be planting trees to restore forests, or how best to implement sustainable agricultural practices. 

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