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US import of tropical hardwood veneer, hardwood flooring and mouldings rose in March

Panels & Furniture Asia
May 21, 2020
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States

A surge in imports from Italy helped U.S. imports of tropical hardwood veneer recover from a dismal February as March imports rose by 56%. Despite the gain, the month’s imports still lagged behind March 2019 import levels by over 30%, reported ITTO. …U.S. imports of hardwood flooring rose by 12% in March. While the value of imports has remained somewhat consistent, the sources of supply has shifted drastically. …U.S. imports of hardwood mouldings rose 2% in March but were down more than 18% from March of 2019. Imports from China fell by 40% to the lowest level in more than a decade while imports from Malaysia dropped by 30%.

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