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West faces another record-breaking fire season, status quo in the East

The Tree Frog Forestry News
May 17, 2019
Category: Today's Takeaway

Weekend precautions are out as Western Canada is facing another potential record-breaking fire year, while status quo is forecast for the Atlantic provinces. In other Forestry news: the Mayor of Chetwynd speaks out on caribou coverage; industry pushes back on Maine’s proposal to prohibit aerial spraying of herbicides; the world’s first global map of tree symbioses; and how to make money off rainforests without cutting them down. 

In Business news: the first round of China tariffs already stifled US wood exports; West Fraser announces two-week curtailments in BC; a wood pellet processing plant is being considered at Neucel mill in Port Alice, BC; and the Black Press board isn’t impressed with Trudeau’s offer of lumber to rebuild Notre Dame. 

Finally, the Frogs will be celebrating Queen Victoria’s B-day in London, back in Canada on Tuesday after the long weekend.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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