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What does the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy say about forestry?

By Charles O’Donnell
May 21, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

The European Commission released its much-talked-about Farm to Fork Strategy yesterday, Wednesday, May 20, which outlines the EU’s plans for food production and agriculture across the bloc. The wide-ranging document doesn’t just stick to food products though. It also mentions forestry, and how, in the commission’s view, that sector can contribute to the environmental sustainability that is central to the new strategy. One of the potential contributions cited for forestry is carbon sequestration, through ‘new green business models’. The “first step” in utilising forestry for carbon sequestration, according to the strategy, is “robust certification rules” for the sector (and agriculture in general) to enable payments to farmers and foresters for the carbon sequestration they provide.

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