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When David Meets Goliath: Help Us Support Your Community

December 5, 2014
Category: Opinion / Editorial
Region: Canada, Canada West

The coastal forest industry needs to attract and train 4,700 men and women from BC’s coastal communities by 2022 in order to meet anticipated demand. But there’s something standing in our way. These jobs are steady, well-paying jobs that allow people in rural coastal communities to work where they live and be a part of their hometown. However, BC forest contractors are struggling to sustain themselves and as a result are struggling to support recruitment for these jobs. This isn’t the sustainability story you usually hear about—environmental sustainability. This is business sustainability which is just as important but much less talked about… A global economic recession in 2008 led to contractors accepting lower rates in order to survive. Six year later, rates have not rebounded with markets. Everyone took a hit, but some say the hardest hit were BC’s logging contractors.