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Why $25 million of carbon credits from the Great Bear Rainforest are sitting on the shelf

By Jimmy Thomson
The Narwhal
January 31, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

The cost of guardians and staff in 14 communities throughout the Great Bear Rainforest are partially paid for through an obscure scheme intended to put a price on the protection of land. But a carbon offset project that was developed specifically to fund protection of the Great Bear Rainforest is struggling to find buyers. In fact, the only reliable buyer is the provincial government, which set up the B.C. carbon market in the first place. The papers that established the B.C. Forest Carbon Offset Protocol were signed in 2008, and the first credits hit the market in 2012, to great fanfare.  But sales of B.C. carbon credits have not come close to living up to expectations.  “When the whole carbon market was started in B.C., everybody thought that these tonnes [of offset carbon] were just gonna fly out the door,” explains David Oxley, an administrator at Coastal First Nations.

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