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Why Canada’s cement industry is crumbling

March 8, 2016
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

…For every tonne of cement produced, more than three-quarters of a tonne of carbon is released into the atmosphere. The industry accounts for more than eight per cent of global carbon emissions. …A carbon price above $100 per tonne—likely the minimum necessary for Canada to meet its obligations from the Paris climate change summit last year—would raise the cost of Canadian cement by about a third and threaten the survival of plants like St. Marys. …Perhaps the biggest threat to the future of cement is coming from one of its oldest competitors. Building code changes now permit the construction of wood-frame buildings up to six storeys high in some provinces. Provincial policies specifying “wood first” as the building material of choice for certain government-funded construction projects add to wood’s appeal. And wood retains, rather than emits, carbon, giving it an edge on the climate change file as well.