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Wood-burning initiative a glimmer of hope for forestry

The Chronicle Herald
February 10, 2020
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada East, Canada

Sawmill operators have gotten used to having a market for all the bits left over after they convert logs into lumber. …It’s all in the interest of efficiency. …For many Nova Scotia mills, Northern Pulp was a huge buyer of this material, so that mill’s closure is a serious blow. All of that is why the province is trying to create a new market for wood chips, by refitting six public buildings in need of new heating systems with modern biomass boilers. …What has even more potential is the proposal from Richard Spinks to build a wood-pellet mill in Pictou County. …Much depends on how his idea is received at an upcoming forestry industry meeting. …Both ideas demonstrate a determination to find new ways for the province’s forest industry to survive and perhaps thrive. They should be encouraged and supported. [Access to full story may require a subscription]

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