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Wood pellet processing plant considered at Neucel mill in Port Alice

By Troy Landreville
My Campbell River Now
May 17, 2019
Category: Business & Politics

PORT ALICE, B.C. – The Neucel Specialty Cellulose mill in Port Alice could be the future home of a wood pellet processing plant. According to a report from the North Island Eagle newspaper, Arterran Renewables is looking at the feasibility of opening a production plant at the mill. Arterran’s director of business development David Tiessen told the Eagle that Japan is studying the potential for a massive increase in wood pellet production, especially in B.C. Tiessen also told the Eagle that the demand for more production would present a massive opportunity for B.C. and Canada. Port Alice Mayor Kevin Cameron is excited about the prospect of the plant coming to the village. “According to the company’s website, Arterran’s Advanced Fuel (AAF) is made from biomass, the world’s only renewable carbon.

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