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408-year-old tree discovered in Algonquin Park’s unprotected logging zone

By Kristin Rushowy
The Toronto Star
January 12, 2019
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada East, Canada

Researchers have discovered a 408-year-old tree amid a stretch of old-growth forest in Algonquin Park, located in an unprotected zone open to logging, the Star has learned. The Ancient Forest Exploration and Research group — a non-profit, charitable educational organization — recently made the find west of Cayuga Lake.It also identified three trees that are more than 300 years old, and five that are more than 200 years old, out of the 10 trees examined.“Based on mapping we’re pretty sure significant tracts of very old forest have also been logged in the past 10 years, or are currently being logged,” senior ecologist Mike Henry told the Star. The group is now calling on the provincial government to safeguard the area. …The hemlock located last fall is estimated to be more than 408 years old, and “we can only know the ages of the remaining trees by coring trees and counting rings,” Quinby added. 

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