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Nelson creates rules for wildfire resistant landscaping and building

By Bill Metcalfe
Nelson Star
July 11, 2019
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Nelson city council has changed some of its construction and landscaping bylaws to help make the city more resistant to wildfire. …The new restrictions are all based on FireSmart, a nationally accepted set of principles about fire behaviour and how to lower fire risk to structures. …A third restriction will also apply only in Development Permit Area 3 (see map) for new buildings. Wood shingles or shakes will not be permitted. Eaves, attics and under-floor openings must be screened. Wood and vinyl siding will not be permitted. Windows must be double-paned or tempered. There are also restrictions related to chimneys, decks, and porches. “That is a huge shift,” Mayor John Dooley said. “Fire retardant materials are critical.” He said vinyl siding is made from petrochemicals “and we want to reduce the use of those products, and they have aesthetic appeal but they have no structural integrity or value against fire.”

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