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Six years later, Resolute lawsuit against Greenpeace continues

By Gary Rinne
Thunder Bay News Watch
March 14, 2019
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada East, Canada

THUNDER BAY — A lawsuit filed by Resolute Forest Products against Greenpeace remains unresolved, six years after it was launched. A Superior Court justice in Thunder Bay is managing the case which is still in the discovery stage, with no trial scheduled as yet. In May 2013, Resolute filed a suit for defamation and economic interference, seeking $7,000,000 from Greenpeace Canada and two of its staff members. The company alleged it had been harmed by false statements about its management practices in the Canadian boreal forest. Greenpeace denied the allegations and charged that Resolute was out to silence its critics with a SLAPP  (strategic lawsuit against public participation) lawsuit.

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